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A sampling of my writing, and, what's more frightening, what passes for my thinking. (Thanks to Corporate Secretary magazine for publishing these Op-Ed pieces in the first place. Click on the titles to read the articles — they will pop up in new windows.)



Plain English

"Maybe I'm delusional, but I'm pretty sure that I understand what the folks over there are talking about, and I do it without the benefit of a law school education or even without consulting a dictionary. (To be completely honest, my lips sometimes get tired from reading out loud. . . .)"


The Blob Meets The Incredible Shrinking Man

"Demand for board directors, especially independents, is growing like the monster in the Steve McQueen movie, The Blob. Demand is a thick, gooey mass, moving in its inexorable fashion, slowly absorbing every last available candidate for directorships. And, like the horrified bystanders in that movie, boards and recruiters are left to scream in horror as all the potential directors disappear into the monstrous gooeyness of the Blob."

Risky Business

"In the opening scene of the movie, Risky Business, the camera is tight on the face of a very young Tom Cruise. He is wearing almost-black sunglasses that obscure his eyes, and cigarette smoke drifts past the dark lenses. In a monotone, Cruise says, 'The dream is always the same . . .' The movie then flashes into Cruise's dream, which being a Hollywood product, is all about sex and adolescent anxiety. Much as I'd like to dwell on sex and adolescent anxiety, they aren't the point of this column. Risk management is the point. And that phrase: 'The dream is always the same . . .' "

When Minutes Last a Lifetime

"Milton Berle, that well-known comic and corporate governance expert, took this view of minutes: A committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours. In this post-Enron era of corporate scandal and lawsuits, when folks like Michael Ovitz and Richard Grasso are slugging it out in court over their deluxe-size severance and pay packages, that's not particularly useful in deciding just how fulsome minutes should be."

Regulating for the Greater Good

It may not be illegal, but according to my Mom, if it's wrong, it's wrong
If only Enron had put as much effort into making money as faking it
Jefferson vs. Washington: Does our noble nature outweigh self-interest?
Like the Ten Commandments, Sarbanes-Oxley is here to stay

A Solution without a Problem

"One of the great ideas floating up out of someone's sleep and into the corporate governance ether is that boards of directors should have their own board secretaries. Hmmm . . . this solves what problem? And how does it solve it?"

More Conversation, More Action

"Conversation: It's dangerous, it's urgent and it can be filled with meaningful gifts. Conversations are very important. Unfortunately, what's not usually addressed is how to get into these dangerous yet meaningful conversations."



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