MURDEROUS SPIRIT, a Jack Tyrrell Novel by Geoff Loftus

"Can one author combine a thriller, a romance and a ghost story? Geoff Loftus does so admirably in his fast-paced, well written and engrossing new novel about a man given a second chance from a wholly unexpected source:
his dead wife, whose murder he holds himself responsible for.
Let this one-of-a-kind story teach you something about love, forgiveness and even faith."

James Martin, SJ, bestselling author of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything, A Jesuit Off-Broadway and The Abbey.

Jack Tyrrell was a burn out. A former Green Beret and U.S. Marshal, he's become a drunken loser who, once upon a time, accepted a bribe and was shot by the people who bribed him. Tyrrell survived the shooting. His wife, Maggie, did not.

Five years after her death, Maggie appears to him as a ghost and offers him a chance to make things right. She introduces Tyrrell to Harry, who may literally be heaven-sent. Tyrrell, with Harry working as his case manager, sets out
to help a veteran who's suffering from PTSD and has assassinated a pair of Wall Street CEOs.

Action, murdered Wall Street titans, the Russian mafia, and a beautiful woman mix with questions
regarding free will and what constitutes moral behavior to give this thriller a spiritual edge.

Tyrrell's story is a mix of Charles Dickens, Philip K. Dick and thriller
told by a sad, yet funny narrator — it's entertaining and spiritually engaging.

Murderous Spirit by Geoff Loftus


3 out of 5 stars
Fast paced and exciting
By ygc9245 on February 4, 2016
Fast paced and tense. Loftus's knowledge of New York City and how to transit the town is impressive. A touch of Dickens and his 'heavenly guide' added some light to an otherwise tough story about love, guilt and forgiveness. Is this the beginning of a series? I will look for the next Jack Tyrell story!

5 out of 5 stars
Murderous Spirit is a great read
By Thomas J. Galligan on February 24, 2016
I read a lot. I mean, really I read a lot. There are three hundred books on my Kindle and the list is growing. This book just came out by Geoff Loftus,the novel is called Murderous Spirit, and I just now finished reading it. He hit a home run with this book! It is very interesting and seriously entertaining. I don't think I have ever recommended a book on the internet before, but I am now. This book is a really great read. I enjoyed it very much and know you will too.

In addition to writing a good action mystery, there is a spiritual element that is fascinating. Read it and see.

5 out of 5 stars
Thriller With Soul
By thrillermaven on February 12, 2016
Had Philip K. Dick channeled Charles Dickens, this is the book he would have written. A clever mix of A Christmas Carol and a stylish modern thriller, it's a good read for lovers of either genre. Murderous Spirit is action-packed yet soulful, traditional yet highly original, it's a well-balanced, enjoyable opus that leaves readers wanting sequels.

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